Ontoware Shutdown

The Ontoware server provided free hosting for Semantic Web-related software and ontology projects. Due to frequent technical problems and the availability of good alternatives (such as SourceForge, Google Code or GitHub), we decided to discontinue support of the Ontoware server. Ontoware was shut down in January 2010.

In order to maintain the validity of popular URIs, redirections to new locations are provided. In particular, the URIs of the following ontologies are still accessible: SWRC, OMV, OWLODM, Oyster2, LexOnto. If you think there is something missing, contact us.

Something missing?

If your project went missing, you are looking for software that was only available from Ontoware or you have other questions concerning Ontoware, please contact AIFB technical support at ls3systems at aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de.